Set Sender ID

How to define which Sender ID is sent to the recipients of your SMS

When sending SMS to most networks worldwide, you can set your own Sender ID. This ID may consist of up to 11 alphanumeric characters or be a phone number. Please note that there are some international restrictions regarding sender identification – for example, SMS messages to the US are always sent from our US phone number

You can set your sender ID here: Account -> Settings->Caller ID. When sending the SMS you can then select the desired ID under "Sender ID" at the very top.

Theoretically, an alphanumeric sender can also use special characters such as . , : _ - or spaces. However, it is recommended to use only letters in the sender, since a correct dispatch with other characters cannot be guaranteed.

Phone numbers as sender IDs can be transferred in any format. They are recognized automatically and formatted internally.

Only SMS that have a phone number as sender can be answered.


  • 004915123456789 – recognized as phone number
  • +4915123456789 – recognized as phone number
  • 0151 - 23456789 – recognized as phone number
  • CompanyABC
  • Alarm
  • Fire Dept

These senders are invalid

  • DentalOfficeMustermann - Sender is too long (max. 11 characters)
  • Sender$123 - Invalid special characters in sender

Our system automatically replaces invalid or missing sender IDs. If you do not specify a sender, the default sender setting from your account will be used, if you set one. 

Invalid or missing senders will automatically be replaced by SMS. If you receive SMS messages with the sender SMS, please correct your sender according to the specifications shown above.

You can enter the sender directly in the corresponding field in the Webapp or select it from the list of defaults: