Send Emojis

How to add emojis to your SMS

The sms77 gateway fully supports Emojis. You can copy and paste emojis directly from another application into the SMS form of the webapp or use the emoji button in the upper right corner of the SMS text field.


A complete list of all emojis can be found here:

Please note that Emojis are not included in the GSM7 alphabet. Therefore, as soon as you add an emoji, one SMS will only include 70 characters. SMS with more than 70 characters are sent and charged as long SMS. 

Sending via HTTP Api

Emojis, like the rest of the text, must be urlcoded. For this the individual bytes of the Emojis are transferred URL-encoded.

This smiley 😀 for example is converted into the following code in the parameter for the SMS text: %F0%9F%98%80