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How to set up SMS alerts via sms77.io in PRTG

Let PRTG send SMS notifications with sms77

PRTG is a network monitoring software that is used by many of our customers. If you want PRTG to notify you about certain events via SMS, you can make it send these SMS via sms77. This is why we would like to show you how you can easily integrate sms77.io in PRTG.

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The setup

In PRTG, under the Setup tab, navigate to the System Administration item. In the submenu click on the Monitoring item.


In the following window, click on the Notification Delivery tab.


Here we are especially interested in the SMS Delivery section. 

Select that you want to insert a custom URL. In our case, enter the following URL:


Please replace the capitalized words with the value that applies to you.

Once you set this up you can save your settings and send a test SMS. 

Your API key

You can find your API key in your sms77 webapp under the menu item Developer. Read more about your key in our helpdesk article on your API keys.

Do you still have questions? 

We are here for you at support@sms77.io.