Flash SMS

What are Flash SMS and how do I use them?

Flash SMS (sometimes also Flash Messages) are a special kind of SMS. They are displayed directly on the recipient's screen without the recipient having to open them. Usually mobile phones can neither save these messages nor send them themselves. However, there are apps that allow you to send them.

Flash SMS are ideal for emergency notifications, for example. Using this type of SMS to send advertising is not recommended. On the one hand, these kind of messaged are particularly intrusive, and on the other hand, your customers will not be able to revisit the SMS if they did not have the time to look at your offer at the time of receipt. Here, normal SMS are usually the better choice.

If you want to send Flash SMS, you can select the type Flash SMS in the function menu to the right of the input field at the top of the webapp.

Of course you can also send Flash-SMS via HTTP API and Email2SMS. You can find the respective parameters here:

Flash SMS via HTTP API

Flash SMS via Email2SMS