Changing your Email Address

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

To change the email address in your sms77 account (for example, if another employee needs access or your e-mail address has changed), simply follow the steps below.

First select your profile picture in the header and then My Profile.


In this menu you will find your personal settings. Among other things, you can correct your name in case of spelling mistakes, define the time zone or the format for the display of monetary amounts. 

In the Email field, enter your new email address and save your settings.



You will then receive a notification that your change has been made, and another notification about an E-Mail sent to your new address for confirmation. Clicking the confirmation link in said E-Mail is the final step in changing your Email address.


After confirming the change, you will receive another E-Mail to both the new as well as the old address. This way you, should it be necessary, you can contact support and undo the change.