Each newly registered account is automatically assigned an API key. This is only visible to you personally and acts as a separate access next to your password. Because only with your self-determined password that you use to login, it is possible to view and change the API Key and certain areas (finance, settings, etc.). This way you protect your applications even better against unauthorized access by third parties.

Your own API Key

You can find the API key in your account under Settings > HTTP API in the second section. There you will see a 64-digit combination of letters and numbers, highlighted in blue for better visibility. Copy this code to use it for your applications or to verify your APIs. 

Especially for security-critical applications or sensitive data transfers, we recommend that you replace the API key regularly. To do this, select the "Regenerate API Key" field and save the setting. The system will immediately assign you a new code.

What do I need the Key for?

In order to send SMS from your own application via our gateway, you link it via HTTP API. sms77 provides you with various interfaces for this purpose. Your API key serves as a password that identifies you as an authorized user for this server-to-server communication. Further details can be found in our HTTP API documentation.

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