With each SMS sent and received, specific data is stored, which you can view in your Account > Analytics. This includes

  • Verified account or subaccount
  • SMS type (Economy or Direct SMS)
  • Date of transfer
  • Information on additional services such as Voice, HLR and MNP Lookup

Filter options for more detailed evaluations

The gateway automatically converts the data into clear statistics and updates them every 5 minutes. You have several variables at your disposal for analyzing the data to filter or exclude individual details:

  • Select a specific time frame for which the statistics are to be displayed. These can be the last 7 or 30 days, the current month, the previous month or the total period, as well as an individually defined time frame that you define using the calendar tool.
  • Each SMS can be marked with a label. For statistical analysis, select individual labels or all labels at once. This allows channels, customer billing and A/B split tests to be evaluated more specifically.
  • You also have the possibility to display data from your main account as well as from all your accounts including subaccounts. 
  • Group the statistics according to your requirements by date, label, subaccount or target country to obtain concrete results for the respective categories.

Analysis by diagram and table

In the following two overviews, you receive a visual representation as a diagram and a tabular listing based on the selected grouping. The average prices as well as the individual and total costs are calculated automatically.

The diagram shows the ratio or quantity of Direct SMS and Economy SMS. This way you can see at a single glance which SMS type was sent when and how often.

Depending on the selected grouping, the table provides information on individual details. Based on the date information, you can, for example, read off explicit values on how much you spend on average per month for Economy or Direct SMS.

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