In general, your account is managed as a prepaid account. This means that you can use our services until your balance is used up.

To top up your account, you have various payment options at your disposal, which are currently the following:

  • Paypal
  • instant transfer
  • bank transfer
  • credit card
  • debit
  • Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more)

Payments by Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer are usually made immediately. Payments by SEPA direct debit are also executed immediately if you already have an activated SEPA mandate. 

Enter the desired amount in your login under the menu Account > Top up credit in the form at the top left, select the desired payment method and follow the respective instructions.

Please note that there may be a slight delay in enabling the payment if one of our filters does not release the payment immediately.

Payment by SEPA direct debit

For payment by direct debit, you need a valid SEPA mandate, which must first be verified. 

You can enter your SEPA bank details in the form on the page to top up credit.

Then please top up your account with any amount by bank transfer or instant transfer from the account specified in the SEPA Mandate. As soon as we have received a payment from your bank account, your SEPA Mandate will be activated.

Automatic recharge

By setting up an automatic top-up via SEPA direct debit, bank transfer or credit card, you avoid late top-ups and the associated undelivered SMS messages. When recharging by bank transfer, you will automatically receive an invoice for the amount you have selected when the credit balance falls below the threshold. In this case, the credit will only be credited to your account after payment has been received.

Enter the desired balance of your account in the balance threshold box. As soon as your credit balance falls below this level, your account will automatically be topped up by the amount you entered in the top-up amount box. 

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