The basic price per SMS is currently 0.058€ for an Economy SMS and 0.075€ for a Direct SMS to all networks worldwide - see our complete price list for details.

This price is applicable for SMS with GSM 0338 encoding. Here you need 7 bit per character, which allows you to send up to 160 characters. If you send an SMS with more than 160 characters, technically speaking several SMS with special, invisible control characters are sent, which are used to reassemble the SMS at the receiving device and display it as one SMS. For this 8 characters of the SMS are required - extra long SMS have a maximum of 152 characters per SMS available.

If your SMS contains at least one character which is not contained in the GSM 0338 alphabet (e.g. Cyrillic characters), your SMS will be sent in UCS2 format. Here 8 bit per character are required - therefore only 70 characters per SMS are available. For overlong UCS2 messages with more than 70 characters, 8 characters are subtracted for the control codes - only 62 characters are available for your text.

Some special characters use two characters for SMS with GSM 0338 coding:
^ { } [ ] ~ | € \


Привет, это тестовое SMS. Хороший день!
Costs Direct SMS: 0,075€
39 characters, UCS2, an SMS is calculated. 

مرحبًا ، هذه رسالة تجريبية للاختبار تحتوي على العديد من الأحرف في المحتوى. اتمنى لك يوما جميلا!
Costs Direct SMS: 0,15€
95 characters, UCS2, 2 SMS are charged. 

Hello, this is a test SMS. Have a nice day!
Costs Direct SMS: 0,075€
43 characters, GSM 0338, an SMS is calculated

Hello, this is a short test SMS with exactly 160 characters. The square brackets [ ] however take up 2 characters of space, hence this message is computed as 2.
Costs Direct SMS: 0,15€
160 characters (square brackets count double), GSM 0338, two SMS are calculated

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